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Stefonnie Week Day 1 - Season Rewrite

I know it’s technically a day late, but I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and I spent most of the day in bed. I’m feeling better now so here is what I had planned for this particular theme.

Rating: M

Summary: While dealing with their respective traumas, Stefan and Bonnie are drawn together.

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do you see the truth through all their lies?
do you see the world through troubled eyes? (x)

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Look for my heart,  

                              you stole it away,

Now I’ll never sing

                     the road that I could take.

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Im still so incredibly angry that Stefan wasn’t at Bonnie’s memorial. The fact that he can’t even remember who she is. He lost a friend, somebody he cared about so so much and he can’t even mourn her because he doesnt remember who she is. and. im. so. mad. 

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stefonnie + angst

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